TrivIQ - Trivia Night from BreakoutIQ

tests your wits, Team Cred, and Creativity In Our customized trivia night!

Trivia Activity Length
In-office, Onsite, or Offsite


What is TrivIQ?

TrivIQ is the trivia-inspired activity that emphasizes inclusiveness and gives everyone a shot at contributing to a team victory!

This isn’t bar trivia - no need to memorize obscure facts. We reward creativity, wit, knowledge of your team and company, and good old fashioned teamwork!

We even tailor the game to your company, and mix up the game with a unique structure in each round.


How is this customized for my team?

Customizing TrivIQ requires no upfront work from your event planner or participants! Instead, multiple rounds rely on a mix of questions prepared in advance by our Triv Masters, as well as in-game generated content to create the best experience for your team!

Whether your team is answering questions about their teammates, office culture, or company; selecting and ranking the best items to survive a dire scenario; or making sense of famous audio recordings - each round emphasizes teamwork, communication, and fun above all else!

Trivia made easy!

Does it fit with other itineraries?

Looking for dedicated team building? Plenty of team dynamics to explore with TrivIQ

Having a casual sit down dinner or themed party? We can tailor the game’s content to any occassion.

Pairing the activity with a happy hour? Kick off the party with some friendly competition.

The standard activity requires minimal setup, and can be customized to whatever your preferred itinerary is. Let us know and we’ll make it fit!

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Can we include remote offices?


We appreciate the challenge of building a company wide culture with multiple offices, and that’s why TrivIQ is designed to run in multiple locations at the same time!

The activity will be hosted live in your company’s Bay Area or New York-based holiday party venue, with remote offices setup to join the activity as well.


More questions? Check out our FAQs or fill out the form below to begin your adventure!


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+ What will we be doing for 60 minutes?

After a brief intro, you’ll be split into teams of 4-6. There are unique rounds of trivia, each taking about 10 minutes. We'll update the leaderboard shortly after each round, and do a quick recap and hand out final awards at the end of the hour.

+ I'm looking to plan an inclusive event - is the activity physically exerting?

The activity does not require physical exertion - there is no running, climbing, or jumping. Our games are popular with teams of all ages, roles, and industries, whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned trivia buff.

If you have any accessibility needs and plan to host the activity off-site, please let us know and we will pick a venue accordingly.


+ Where can I play TrivIQ?

We currently operate across the San Francisco Bay Area - based out of downtown SF, we also host events across the Peninsula, South Bay, East Bay, Napa / Sonoma, and Monterey area (subject to different pricing).

+ I want BreakoutIQ to come to us - how exactly does that work?

Whether at your office or at your offsite event, we’ll seamlessly fit into your plans. Prior to booking, we'll confirm via email or an on-site visit that your space is suitable for the event - we’ve been known to get creative with space, so don’t hesitate to ask!

On the day of the event, our team will arrive at the venue shortly before the start of the event to ensure enough time for setup, and quickly cleanup the room following completion of the activity.

+ I don’t have a venue for this activity - can I come to you?

Yes! We have partner venues across the Bay Area and can book a space for you at a location close to your office. Venue availability and cost will vary with your date, group size, and desired event location.


+ I'd love to pair the activity with food and drink - is that possible?

Yes! We offer a growing number of food and beverage packages through a number of our event and restaurant partners. We would love to work with you on a package that meets the needs for your group!

+ I'm planning this as part of a larger off-site - does TrivIQ pair with other activities?

Absolutely! We find that this activity slots in perfectly into a number of different team off-site itineraries. Share your plans with us and we'll make it fit in the best way possible!

+ Can I make any special requests?

Just ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requests!