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What is QuestIQ?

QuestIQ is a scavenger-hunt competition where groups set off to explore the city and complete a variety of challenges on the go.

Teams focus on creativity, puzzle-solving, and teamwork, rather than speed, offering a fresh twist on the traditional scavenger hunt and giving everyone a chance to contribute to the journey!


Is this for my team?

Teams love QuestIQ for its emphasis on discovery, movement, and a chance to be outdoors!

The activity is designed so that teams can select the game strategy that suits their unique style and preference! Fancy yourself an explorer? Take on our Discover and I Spy challenges to find hidden nuggets about our city. Love taking pictures? Be as silly and creative as you want with our Photo Ops!


How does it work?

Teams are on a quest to uncover four “anchor” hotspots. At each location, participants work together to inspect the area, gather information, and crack riddles related to each site.

Transitions: While traveling between hotspots, teams choose from a variety of trivia-based questions, observation challenges, and creative tasks to earn extra points. 


Where can I run this activity? 

QuestIQ is an outdoor activity currently based in a few locations in San Francisco and New York City!  (SoMa, Embarcadero in SF, Battery Park, Bryant Park in NY)

We can even customize and build games in your neighborhood or campus! Talk to us if you're interested in a specific locations - we always have others in development and would love to hear your preferences!


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