Our Team


VARUN | Co-Founder

After playing Escape games around the country, Varun was inspired to come up with the next big group activity. When he's not designing our next fun challenge, you can catch Varun in the kitchen, on the basketball court, or beating Rahul and friends at a game of Catan.

Before starting BreakoutIQ, Varun graduated from UPenn's Management & Technology Program and worked as a Product Manager at Novus as a part of the Bain Capital Ventures Startup Academy.


RAHUL | Co-Founder

Rahul has always been a huge fan of fun games that brought people together, and is excited to be able to direct his energy towards creating positive, entertaining experiences for people every day.

Prior to having fun with you awesome people for a living, Rahul graduated from UC Berkeley's Industrial Engineering and Economics programs, offered his "expertise" as a consultant at the Monitor Group, and watched every video on the Internet during a stint at YouTube / Google.


MICHELLE | Sales, Biz Dev

Michelle thinks the world needs more opportunities to play--which is one of the reasons she's excited about working with BreakoutIQ! Getting folks communicating and flexing their creative muscles is her jam.

Prior to moving to the Bay Area, Michelle worked in Washington, DC as a performer and arts educator with organizations such as The Smithsonian Institute, Shakespeare Theatre Company, and Young Playwrights' Theater. She loves Jazzercise, word games, and playing odd instruments. She is currently developing new musical plays for young artists.


DEVIN | Product, Trivia Master

Devin has loved games as long as he can remember. He's brought game’s with him everywhere he goes as a tool to build teams and break down barriers. When he's not hosting an event near you, he's trying out a new recipe in the kitchen, or finding a new trail to hike somewhere nearby.

Before joining BreakoutIQ, Devin studied at Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo, where he worked as a core team member for the largest orientation program in the country. Since graduating, he has worked as a performer with the Bay Area's largest theaters, including SF Playhouse, Berkeley Rep, and Z Space.


KENNETH | Sales & Events

Kenneth is a game enthusiast, from tabletop roleplaying to text-based browser, and everything in-between. He loves to think about games from all perspectives, and has (badly) designed his own games in the past.

Kenneth initially worked in the public sector in a variety of capacities and for a variety of departments, before departing to the startup and small business world to provide sales support and project management and initiation. He is currently studying web development.


DEAN | Product & Operations

Dean is passionate about supporting and enabling meaningful self-expression, especially through creative experiences.

He received his B.A. in Psychology from University of California, Santa Cruz and subsequently worked in the tech industry for approximately nine years. When he is not forging connections through games at BreakoutIQ, he is pursuing his passion for acting. He has been seen on stage in the Bay Area at TheatreFIRST, SF Playhouse, SF Playground and Stagebridge.


LISA | Events, Product

Lisa's goal in life is to find the fun in any situation. In finding the fun and play we experienced in our childhood and bringing it into our daily lives, we become more confident individuals. Lisa strives to leave everyone she meets with a smile on their face.

A graduate from UNH, Lisa is a performer, writer, and has co-created a web series based on living your truth. She has been in the world of events for many years, most recently being a bridal assistant to couples on their big day.


SYDNEY | Events

Sydney believes whole-heartedly in the power of play! One can create amazing things with the combination of collaboration and imagination, which is one reason she is excited to be working with BreakoutIQ. She has fostered an immense love for cards and board games since she was a kid and is thrilled to put those skills to use.

Sydney received her BFA in Acting from The Hartt School of Theatre, Music, and Dance. She has worked professionally as an actor across the states and internationally with such companies as Hartford Stage, Mirage Entertainment, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, The Hampton Theatre Company, Berkeley Rep and more. Sydney is also a professional fight director, teaching artist, and illustrator


AVA | Events

Ava has steeped herself thoroughly in the world of games, playing them, teaching them, designing them, writing punk songs about them. She has an overdeveloped sense of play with which she seeks to make the world a better place.

After graduating from Emerson College with a BFA in Musical Theatre, Ava has worked with several theatre companies around Boston and the Bay Area as both an actor and dialect coach. She dabbled in the world of events for a few years before happily settling into Breakout IQ.


OBAIDA | Events

Obaida has been playing all types of games for as long as he can remember. He loves the impact games have on people, which is bringing people together for the sake of having fun. He planned his first ever event in high school and has continued to do so with no regrets.

He received a BA in economics from UCI. Prior to joining the BreakoutIQ team he worked at GS, and is now currently pursuing a masters in Applied Economics.


TAMARA | Events

Tamara is passionate about developing happy people and effective teams. She believes deeply in the power of experiential and off-site learning - especially when it's fun.

When she's not facilitating BreakoutIQ events, Tamara can be found assisting researchers within the Management of Organizations group at UC Berkeley Haas, cooking, dancing, or out on a hike. She graduated from McGill University in 2014 with a BA&Sc in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences.


LIZZIE | Events

Lizzie has been a game enthusiast her entire life. As a child, her father thought she was going to be a chess prodigy -- but then she never got any better. Her love of team building stems from feeling the energy in a room change when a game is introduced, and she believes recognizing the brilliance of others is essential to understanding one’s place in a group.

A recent graduate of Roanoke College with a BA in Psychology, Lizzie is devoted to using her passion and experience to bring others together. She has worked in the world of ropes course facilitation for many years, and is excited to bring her observations about trust, problem solving, and just plain fun to her work at BreakoutIQ.