TrivIQ - Custom Trivia Fun for Your Holiday Party!

Our spin on the classic trivia night! You don’t need to know obscure facts - our customized game tests your wits, knowledge of your colleagues, and more!


So WHAT IS TrivIQ again...?

TrivIQ is the trivia-inspired activity that emphasizes inclusiveness and gives everyone a shot at contributing to a team victory!

We customize almost half of the game to your company, and mix up the game with a new unique game structure in each round.

We reward creativity, wit, and knowledge of your team and company. This isn’t bar trivia - no need to memorize obscure facts in this game!


Why is this a good holiday party activity?

TrivIQ is a casual, light-hearted activity that fits into any fun-loving holiday party atmosphere:

Tis the season - Holiday Themed Trivia is available!

Having a casual sit down dinner? We can easily add an activity without any more coordination

Going with a themed party night? We can tailor the game’s content to any theme

Just going with an open bar? Kick off the party with some friendly competition


Sounds great, is this easy to add to my event?

The activity requires minimal setup from your end! We simply need a space large enough to hold all of the participants and ~15 minutes to setup and cleanup on each end of the activity.

The standard activity is ~60-70 minutes, but we can also customize TrivIQ to whatever your itinerary is (rounds can be split into multiple pieces, the activity can be sectioned off in one room while the dance party continues in another, etc.).

Any special requests? Let us know and we’ll find a way to make it fit!


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