Featuring tricks and treats, top Halloween hits, candy and costumes for a chillingly good time.

The Basics


How is BreakoutIQ trivia different?

Everyone gets to contribute. Creative answers, wit, and team work are rewarded.

Build camaraderie, promote out of the box thinking, and have lots of laughs.


What will we be doing?

Team up to strategize, debate, and get creative across 5-7 rounds of Halloween trivia: 

Spooky Urban Dictionary, Who's Wearing that Costume, Halloween Mystery Clips, Survival Scenarios

How Does This Work?

Make an inquiry &
Hear back within a day

We'll answer any of your questions so you can find the best options for your Trivia event.


We can come to you or host at an offsite venue. Even include multiple campuses with our unique remote option!

READY FOR Halloween Trivia!

Let us handle all the activity logistics. Just show up with your team (in person or virtually) and enjoy!


Unique Offerings

Customization for your group or specific theme

Include multiple offices with remote game-play

Food or Venue add-ons

All Itineraries welcome team outings, company parties, happy hours, holiday events, you name it!

Fill out a 1-minute questionnaire and hear back within 24 hours

or directly reach out at 415-503-9747 (SF) or 212.548.6567 (NY)


Still Not Convinced?

Check out what Yelpers have to say

"Very unique format, great questions and most importantly lots of fun. I didn't know very well two of the co-workers and this was a great opportunity to learn more about them in a more relaxed way."


"Everyone had a chance to share their strengths. We spent as much time flexing our brains as we did laughing together!"


"They took time in the planning to understand the audience and that definitely contributed to the success of the event. Very professional from start to finish!"

We'd love to hear from you!

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