BreakoutIQ Escape Room Games. Indoor or Outdoor, On-site or Offsite

Escape Game the Whole Office Can Enjoy

BreakoutIQ Escape Games are inclusive puzzle-based narratives! 

Collaborative, Challenging, and Always a Good Time. 

Why People & companies Choose Us

We create unique experiences, and also make event planning easy and seamless. We are extremely responsive and can cater to:

  • Any location (on-site or off-site, indoor or outdoor)
  • Large or Small Group size (8 to 500+)
  • Any time of day
  • All Itineraries (team outings, retreats, conferences, holiday parties, you name it!) 

How can we help with your Escape Activity?


How Does This Work?


We'll answer any of your questions so that you can choose the best options to fit your escape room interests.


We can come to you or host at an offsite venue. Choose from different themes, lengths, and even play outdoors!

READY FOR Escape Challenge!

Let us handle all the activity logistics. Your team just has show up and enjoy.



what Past Participants have to say

"Out of all the events we had at our retreat, this was the most liked in our survey. Definitely give them a call if you want a private escape room game. You'll have a great time too!"


"Not only was the game challenging and fun but it's set up so that you really think about how you are working together as a team and as a whole."


"It was a great surprise to see our team come together, get super engaged, laugh & yell, work our hardest to solve the puzzle."

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