Who is breakoutiq?

BreakoutIQ designs exciting challenges where teams can both have fun and practice creative problem solving with one another.

We aim to make planning an event with us as easy and seamless as possible by emphasizing responsiveness and flexibility with location (on-site or off-site), group size (10 to 500), timing (any time of day), and occasion (team outings, retreats, conferences, holiday parties, etc.).

Why Do a Demo Event?

There's no substitute for experiencing our activities first-hand!

what does this look like?

Here's a sample 1 hr 15 minute agenda:

  • 15 min: Introduction to BreakoutIQ
  • 30-40 min: Abbreviated Escape Game challenge
    A fun puzzle and problem solving based activity that pushes teams to solve an immersive challenge in a high energy race to the finish (learn more here)
  • 15 min: Abbreviated TrivIQ challenge
    A trivia-inspired game designed to emphasize inclusiveness, problem solving, and teamwork, as opposed to obscure knowledge and you-know-it-or-you-don’t type questions. 30-40% of the activity content is customized for your team, office culture, and company (learn more here)
  • 5 - 10 min: Q&A

We're happy to adjust according to your available time and agenda

Anything else?

To the extent that the group is open to it, we appreciate having everyone in attendance sign up for our mailing list where we keep groups updated on our latest offerings.

How do i set one up??

Let your point of contact at BreakoutIQ know that you're interested, or email us at events@breakoutiq.com!